can you drive with bad spark plugs

Can You Drive With Bad Spark Plugs?

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Sometimes you can forget to change the spark plugs. It happened to me also until one day the car did not start anymore. So if you’re wondering if can you drive with bad spark plugs, the answer is that it depends on the severity of the problem. View Post

what are the symptoms of a bad O2 sensor

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad O2 Sensor?

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Do you feel like your car is not functioning like it used to? Maybe you have a feeling that you’re spending more money on fuel and it was not like that before. Or maybe you smell fuel on your exhaust pipe. Every one of these outcomes has some symptoms behind. View Post

How often to change air filter on car

How Often To Change Air Filter On Car

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Your car might lose its performance? Or you want to make some savings? With this inexpensive part, it’s not the case. As you breathe and the “filter” inside your nose protects your lungs from particles. The same role has the engine air filter. It stops foreign object to reach the motor. View Post

Oil filter changing with oil maintenance

Can I Change Oil Without Changing Oil Filter?

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Did you recently changed the oil and not the oil filter? Or you are planning to change the oil and thinking on saving some money by not buying the oil filter? Either question, you are thinking the decision will influence a lot of other components in your vehicle. These components are the vital ones in the good functioning of your car. View Post

What Charges The Battery In A Car?

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Although not a big component in a car, the battery has an essential role. You basically cannot start the car on your own without it. It is a vital component, that is also providing power to all the essential modules that store information when the automobile is stopped. As this being said, the battery needs also some help to keep it charged after starting the engine. View Post