timing belt vs timing chain

Timing Belt vs Timing Chain: The Complete Explanation

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The engine is the most important component of a car. Choosing between timing belt vs timing chain in the internal combustion process is a very important step. Opening and closing of the valves is a strictly timed step, that’s why these components use the “timing” prefix. View Post

how car ac system works

AC Blows Warm Air In Car – 10 Causes and Fixes

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Is hot outside and your AC blows warm air in car? Then your summer might not as pleasant as you have imagined. Although you can easily fix it by refilling the refrigerant level, it might happen that the compressor is broken since you did not use it in a long time. View Post

6 Causes Of White Smoke From Exhaust

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A car’s exhaust system comprises multiple parts. These include the pipes, the exhaust manifold together with the cylinders, turbocharger, catalytic converter and a silencer to reduce the noise. So, multiple components can cause white smoke from the exhaust. View Post

Why car is jerking when accelerating

14 Reasons Why Car Is Jerking When Accelerating

Sometimes a vehicle can have engine hesitations during acceleration when the gas pedal it’s pressed. When the engine hesitates, it may seem like the vehicle has lost power or it will stop. A lot of times you can feel the jerking sensation that usually happens at lower speeds. View Post